Burnbrite Coal

Aggregates r us have recently added Premium House Coal to their ever expanding winter range. To ensure both continuity and quality of supply, Aggregates r us have entered into a long term supply agreement with a leading UK coal producer.

Most of the coal currently sold in the UK is imported from overseas including Columbia, Poland or Russia.  Local sourcing of products and sustainable purchasing is a core value of Aggregates r us which ultimately lead to the decision in partnering with a UK coal supplier.

Burnbrite Coal

Once extracted and processed the coal is tested a number of times a day to ensure quality of the product and determine the exact calorific value of the coal. Only coal which meets the exacting standards defined in the supply agreement is used for Premium House Coal. Copies of testing, technical and chemical analysis can be supplied on request.

Once mined, the coal is transported from the surface mine to Aggregates r us bagging facility near Doncaster. The material is stored in a designated, purpose built, fully enclosed concrete bay which ensures there is no risk of contamination or degradation of the coal before it is bagged. The House Coal bagged is classified in size as a coal double and ranges in size between 25mm and 50mm.

Currently the coal is bagged in either 1 tonne and half tonne bulk bags or 10 Kg pre-pack bags. As with all of our products each product is accurately weighed. All of our pre-pack products are packaged on modern automated bagging production equipment to ensure the customer receives the product in a clean, easy to handle, 10kg bag. Each 10Kg bag is then stacked via robot to provide either fifty or hundred bags on a pallet (1 tonne or half tonne). Once stacked the pallet is shrink wrapped in protective polythene to protect the bags from UV damage and weathering.

To complete their winter fuel offering Aggregates r Us also supply a Smokeless coal range that can be used in Smoke Control Areas.

Should you wish to know more about this product or want to be a supplier/distributor please contact us on sales@aggsrus.co.uk or on our customer helpline: 01302 770918