Information Security Policy

Aggregates ‘R’ Us Security Policies:

  • Mobile devices with Windows operating systems will use full disk encryption to protect data at rest.
  • Next generation firewall technology with deep packet inspection and intrusion detection monitoring technology will be used to secure the external perimeter of Aggregates ‘R’ Us network.
  • Commercial grade anti-virus software will operate on all Windows operating systems.
  • Staff will be regularly reminded of security related risks to maintain awareness levels and an understanding of the risks associated with IT use.
  • Suppliers of IT Services will be selected based on their security credentials and attainment of a recognised security certification.
  • All Windows operating systems will be security patched within 1 month of the release of the security patch.
  • All Aggregates ‘R’ Us data will reside in the UK.
  • All key business records will be protected from deletion and disasters with a maximum risk of data loss of 24 hours.
  • The use of strong passwords will be enforced on the network.

The support of the Aggregates ‘R’ Us systems will be provided by a supplier with the following security capabilities:

  • ISO27001 certification

The hosting of the Aggregates ‘R’ Us data centre will have the following minimum specifications:

  • ISO27001 certification for the operation of the data centre facility
  • On-site secondary power generation
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply system giving 100% power availability without disruption
  • 24 hour security personnel presence
  • CCTV externally and internally
  • Redundant climate control system
  • Protection against data loss and typical major threats such as fire where the maximum risk of data loss will be 24 hours.

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